Breast Cancer

I am a two-time,

stage four,


breast cancer survivor.


I believe God heals what medicine deems incurable and He empowers those who know great weakness.  I am evidence of His healing grace.

That’s why you’ll discover the random musings here don’t really have a lot to do with cancer.  This isn’t the blog where you’ll find a lot of medical information or discussions about treatment options.  I do share about my health and whatever impact it’s having on my soul and my body, but it’s my life in the Spirit that preoccupies my thinking and shapes my sharing.

Cancer has invaded my world and impacted my body, but it does not define my gender, my purpose or my value.  My femininity is laid deeply into my DNA.  My faith is rooted in Christ alone.  Neither are moved by external struggles, medical intervention or even how I view myself.

Cancer isn’t able to steal from us the things that are most important.  Rather, it inadvertantly gives gifts.

It’s empowered me to fight like a girl, stand like a warrior and think like a mother.

It’s made me brave and strong when I felt weak and afraid.

It’s given me a platform to declare my hope in Christ alone.

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 10.38.32 AMI’ve written a lot about the revelations and strategies God has given me to contend with and overcome cancer.

In Living Rightside UpFlipping the Script of Your Story, a collaborative book by Pastor Debbie Morris and The Gateway Women’s team, I share specifically about the strategy God gave me for overcoming adversity. Drawing upon my battle with breast cancer, I share keys to help you navigate in the midst of your own challenging seasons. You’ll also find great wisdom you don’t want to miss from the rest of the team. 


screen-shot-2017-01-21-at-7-46-31-amIn early 2011, I became a part of a project for the National Breast Cancer Foundation called “Beyond The Shock” and I am honored to be featured as a documentary participant, sharing my insights and perspectives as a cancer survivor. If you’ve landed on this page because of your own diagnoses or because of the fight of a friend or family member, you will find many great resources and lots of hope through the work of NBCF.





10 thoughts on “Breast Cancer”

  1. I am in a season where I feel the weight of the battle- a new one that Gods been preparing me for, but is just really beginning. I’ve felt scared, silenced and defeated- absolutely weary with nothing left in me to fight. I can totally relate to your first battle with cancer, where you waged war fiercely with your sword. This was me. But in the last 18 months, God has taught me the strength and victory in abiding in Christ- in rest and trust. Isaiah 30: 15 in repentance and rest is our salvation. In quietness and trust is your strength. But as I’ve entered this new season, I’ve been afraid of having to “muster” something up I don’t seem to have anymore, nor do I want to. So thank you for your message on God cantered mom podcast. It was exactly what I needed to hear! That this last season of
    Learning to abide will be one of greatest weapons of battle going forward. Ps: this morning he led me to Ephesians 6 in the message version.. I thought it was so so apropos to all this. Take a read 🙂 hugs.

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    • Hi Kailey, I apologize for being slow in responding to your comment – I missed it somehow. But this morning, I found you! Thanks for letting me know about your own season and for encouraging me with Ephesians 6. Don’t you love the language. I thanked God for you just now and asked him to bless you double today.


  2. Lisa Schwartz said:

    I met you at the Summit in Indiana, PA for the Sisterhood event and I just have to say, Jan, you inspire me!

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  3. Thank you so much for your contribution to Jami’s #Ladder2Rooftop collaboration!

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