Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 12.08.41 AMIn early 2011, I became a part of a project for the National Breast Cancer Foundation called “Beyond The Shock” and I am honored to be featured as a documentary participant, sharing my insights and perspectives as a cancer survivor. If you’ve landed on this page because of your own diagnoses or because of the fight of a friend or family member, you will find many great resources and lots of hope through the work of NBCF.


Healed of Cancer – Dodie Osteen

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This little book totally rocked my world during my first round of cancer.  Miss Dodie is a “shero” and her simple testimony, call to faith and clear “how-to” overcome helped save my life.  She kick-started my faith.  If you are in a cancer battle – carry this with you everywhere.  I have pulled it out countless times while sitting in waiting rooms or finding myself in moments of insecurity.  I also printed out all of her scriptures with their declarations and posted them all over my home.  This is proof the Word of God is powerful and can save your life.  Enjoy!  (PS – This is also a great gift for someone struggling with cancer.)


War Room – Prayer is a Powerful Weapon

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Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 11.59.41 PMI know you won’t be surprised that I would recommend a movie to you about the power of strategic prayer.  My friend Priscilla Shirer is inspiring in this feature and does the best job ever of modeling two important values that I share. #1)Why and how to use our weapons to destroy the works of the enemy, #2)The power of one woman mentoring another in the ways of God. (Titus 2 people!)  If you need to be inspired to dive into your prayer life – check it out today!

No Longer an Orphan – Dana Stone

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I love great resources, right? Well this is on my top 10 all-time best list. Dana Stone is such a gentle but powerful voice of wisdom to so many (including me). I am grateful she is sharing her passion to see others free and whole. This book will grab hold of your heart and help you to overcome loneliness, isolation, and rejection. I learned so much about how God demonstrates His love for us.  Order the book, get a copy for a friend.



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