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What matters most to me is to finish what God started: the job the Master Jesus gave me of letting everyone I meet know all about this incredibly extravagant generosity of God.  

Paul, the apostle

It’s been months since I’ve taken the time to share on my blog.  My job (which I’ve now had for over a year) has taken off and we are in an exciting season of ministry.  Our team grew, we relocated offices and I’ve been busy learning about the foundations of Equip and what it means to be a disciple of Christ.

In the meantime, our family has experienced an explosion of growth. We are so thrilled that both our daughter, Ashley and our son John are engaged! That’s right – two weddings in one year.  We are off and running to the altar of matrimony and feel so blessed to gain both a son (James) and a daughter (Lexie).

My mom is coming out of a season of recovery from a very serious injury in December.  She fell and broke her shoulder and was either in the hospital or skilled nursing for just over three months.  She’s back at her home now, but with extensive support and doing her best to regain the strength to journey on.

Mark and a business partner recently founded a new general contracting firm called TFE General Contractors.  Although they are equipped to handle a variety of construction needs, they specialize in roof coatings for large commercial buildings.  They are open for business at TFEGC.com.

We’ve also been traveling quiet a bit.  Mark and I took a cruise in January, I traveled to California in March and we just returned from a weekend adventure to Georgetown where we met our future son-in-law’s family and friends.

I’m enjoying some teaching opportunities.  I’ve had some special assignments where I’ve shared on favorite topics: leadership, relationships and mentoring.  Men and women can join me on Wednesday nights (through the first of May) as I’m teaching about how important it is to not just be a disciple, or to be discipled, but ultimately how impactful it is when we become disciple-makers.  (Here’s a link at Equip with all the details on my current class called Everybody Disciples.)

And I’m picking up my pen again.

I have a new resource on leadership that I’m prayerfully considering how to share and at the same time, I am working on upgrading my blog site.  I want to be sure it is a community gathering place where you can find not only my voice, but also connect to many others who can propel us all along the way to greater love for God.

As for my health, I continue to trust God on a daily basis.  I am in remission and enjoying the privileges of survivor-ship.  I have had some challenges recently but each time I feel weak and fragile, I find the sustaining strength and recovery that can only come from the healing grace of God.

More than ever, I feel the call to honor God with my life, actions, thoughts and legacy.  I love the verse above which is from Acts 20:24 from the Message Bible.  Paul is sharing with his friends in Ephesus that what lies ahead is of the greatest urgency.

I can relate.

I feel compelled in this season to be sure I am in alignment with the will and purpose of God for my life, to “…let everyone I meet know all about this incredibly extravagant generosity of God.

I’m praying you also have a strong sense of urgency about what is most important in this season.  May our eyes, heart and hands be set upon the goal of obedience that brings honor and fame to our most generous God.

Engagement Day for Ashley and James

Engagement Day for Lexie and John