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Happy Good Friday (and Happy Birthday to my husband, Mark. Wow! He’s mine.)

I’m sitting in the chemo chair this morning, completely aware that it is indeed a “Good Friday.”  I continue to be cancer free.  My recent brain scans were wonderful.  My side effects have been subsiding and I’m feeling stronger and so grateful to be alive.

Mark has been in a tough season too.  After surviving a heart attack last May, he recently underwent a cervical fusion and had several complications.  He neck is doing very well and the other issues are resolved.  His stamina is improving and he’s celebrating another birthday today.

Today is a “Good Friday” for us.

But not every Friday has been a good Friday.

I shared this week at Equip that what we call “Good Friday” would most certainly have been “Bad Friday” for the disciples. On that day, they faced death square in the face. Devastation, disappointment and loss were everywhere. They had no clue that one day we’d look back on the day of death and call it good. It was bad for them but good for us because we know the whole story. We know that He has risen!

Minda Corso inspires me by her daily devotion to the Word of God and the revelation she shares each morning. Minda hosts a daily text-style devotional called Morning Verse on Instagram or Twitter.  (Click on either link to follow.  You won’t regret it.) It’s always spot on and thought-provoking.  Today she shared an insight about “Good Friday” I had never seen.  I was so encouraged that I’m sharing it here.

Prior to being arrested, Jesus was in the garden praying as he knew the events that were about to take place. “Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done.” (Luke 22:42)

Jesus knows the agony of unanswered prayers, the desperation of wanting God to move in a certain way. Jesus also knew if there WAS another way, God would act on it; that He would spare His son the pain and death. He knew His Father was listening.

Many of us, having experienced unanswered prayers, end up not praying. We begin to assume God will do what He wants to do, regardless of our prayer and petition. Jesus knew that His Father acts and moves when His children call. Which is why He asked. He also knew there would be greater benefit in God’s will over his own. Many would look at this situation and say his prayer must not have worked. But the next verse says, “An angel from heaven appeared to him and strengthened him.” (Luke‬ ‭22:43)

While Jesus may not have received the answer he was looking for, he did receive an answer.God provided strength to make it through what was about to happen.

You can trust that His plan is good. You can trust His plan is for your good and His glory. As you remember this #GoodFriday, be mindful of His understanding of an unanswered prayer. And know that every step along the way, you were– and still are– on His mind.

Maybe you are in a tough season – a “bad Friday” of your own. I’m sorry. I know the darkness and difficulty of facing circumstances that seem insurmountable. Just hold on. Resurrection is coming! Christ has not died in vain and He has not forgotten you.

Happy Good Friday.