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Trusting God is good for your health.  Proverbs 3:15

When you trust God, you don’t worry.  Psalm 116:7

A heart at peace, gives life to the body.  Proverbs 14:30

This year has been a challenging year for me and my family. As I’ve been reflecting on where I began in January and where I ended up in December, I’m filled with gratitude despite the difficulties.

I’ve been learning to rest.

I have had to rest in the face of great turmoil and threat of life.

When God first instructed me to rest, I could only imagine that He was asking me to do less, to cease activity. This definition made sense because my body was under such physical assault, but I found physical rest was only the beginning. No amount of sitting down brought me the kind of rest mandated by the Lord.

God was asking me to go to a whole new level of trust, to really rest in his care of everything that concerned me. He wanted to be my defender, my advocate and my salvation. He wanted to give me peace.

Maybe you are like me, facing some significant challenges that are bigger than your ability to “work” your way out of. If so, I hope the following three things I learned about pursuing peace, will be a blessing to you.

The body needs rest but the mind needs truth.

As I began to recover my physical strength, I quickly realized that no amount of sleep was going to give me long-term peace. I could wake in the morning following a good night’s sleep and find my heart in my throat, filled with anxiety and fear. The key to sustainable rest – the kind that heals the body and the soul – is to treat the mind with truth. Truth drives out fear and brings peace. Anxious? Read, study and memorize the Word of God.

A heart at peace gives life to the body.

There is something mystical about the body’s healing power. When it is aligned with the will of God, it heals. This is true of a broken bone – when aligned – it will heal. This is also true of a broken heart. When it comes into agreement with the will and Word of God, there is a supernatural release that somehow provides a natural blessing. We underestimate the power of agreeing with God about who we are and who He is. Daily, I set my heart back in alignment so that it may rest. This rest produces a spring of peace. When my heart is at peace, my body (or my circumstance) is able to begin to heal – to even recuperate.

While we rest at peace God works.

I have perceived rest as wasted time. I’ve even been so arrogant as to perceive sickness as a weakness of character. This has been a form of judgment against myself and others. Learning that my lack of production does not decrease my value in the eyes of God, has been a game changer. When I can do nothing, God still works on my behalf. His favor and love are not a reward reserved for good performance, but rather a gift that constantly blesses my life. I’m finally learning that if I will rest in peace, He will make a way for me.

In the season of the year where we declare “Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Men” I pray that you may know His peace and that His peace will align your heart to experience true rest. True life.