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Every morning I wake up and I kind of glance around to see if cancer is here.  The other morning I noticed it was nowhere to be found.  I said to myself, “Good riddance, and by the way,  I’m still here.

I’m still here.

It must irritate cancer and all its friends; disease, illness, death, pain, fear, discouragement, threat, intimidation, anxiety, and lies.

I hope so.

It’s an intentional part of my square up strategy.

I have determined not to actively engage cancer in warfare as a daily practice. A sweet friend recently shared a story with me that totally confirmed my commitment.

A pastor was opening his Sunday service with a lot of prayer and spiritual warfare.  He was rebuking and binding the devil and encouraging his congregation to do the same.  Week after week they tore up the enemy, but the result was more and more warfare difficulty.  When the gentlemen inquired of God, this is what He heard,  “Demons are drawn from miles around to enter into the battle.”

I do not want to give my attention to death.

I have chosen life.

I still wake up and scan the horizon with my Sword of the Word ever at the ready, and there are times when a full-on battle with darkness is required.  I’m learning I tend to give the darkness too much attention.  It is weak compared to the light.  So I’m  keeping my eyes on Jesus and looking away from darkness.

I got up out of the bed with a bit of a dance in my step, and went on about my day.

After all, I’m still here.

And so are you!

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