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The Pink Pastoral Team

My last post was a walk down memory lane.

I said I would be changed.

I was right.

I was changed by the gathering.  I was changed from the opening moment when I turned to see the women and burst into tears.  I was changed as the worship washed over me.  I was changed as a friend knelt at my feet to pray for my healing.  I was changed as the messages began to roll across my heart.  I was changed as a prophetic word was whispered in my ear in a back room.  I was changed by the vulnerability, the recklessness, the beauty of those who told of their own questions and pain.  I was changed as I sensed the intimacy and unity of almost 10,000 of us walking together in grace.  I was changed as I declared healing and wholeness over a room full of women who were in need of a divine touch from God.  I was changed as I watched my leader take her place among the community of women God has gathered all around her. I was changed as we experienced a life-threatening medical emergency right in the middle of our gathering and when I learned of the divine miracles that happened to her. 

I was changed.

I walked out of that arena filled with confidence in God’s love for me and His love for you.  I felt strong, hopeful and empowered. 


Maybe you can relate.  Were you changed? 

If so, how?

And if you were changed, then I must ask For what purpose?” 

Why would God invest so much in us unless He had plans for us?  Plans that matter.  Plans that are good.

God is speaking destiny, purpose and strength over women as never before.  I have never felt such an anointing among us.

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As Pastor Robert taught us at the conference, the anointing comes with the moment the Holy Spirit sends us.  It’s a divine empowerment, an authorization, a commission to accomplish the calling of your life.

Collectively, we are being sent to love, lead and introduce others to Jesus.  We’re being empowered to overcome great obstacles.  We are being well equipped to fight the battles that lie ahead.  We are entering the promised land and we can be assured that Christ will lead us to possess all that is ours.

Maybe like me, you faced some significant challenges almost immediately.  The enemy wants to stop you in your tracks.  He will lie to you and tell you that you have no authority.  But you can return to this moment of anointing and remember that you are divinely empowered to walk out what God has placed in your heart.

Let’s move forward in spite of the obstacles.  Let’s put on our full armor.  Let’s square up in the face of adversity or resistance or lies or discouragement.  Let’s reach out to another and serve with gladness. Let’s go on into the great things of our calling because…

We are changed.

PS – I’d like to give a shout out to the world’s best conference team!  These ladies worked tirelessly to insure a great experience for all of us.  Just want to say thank you.  You are amazing.


PSSDid you miss Pink Impact?  Well I have great news for you.  You can purchase CD’s and DVD’s from the Gateway Bookstore for your personal viewing pleasure.

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Did you love the worship?  Then don’t miss our first ever all female worship project from Gateway Create called Voices.

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In addition, you can catch the highlights of the conference on the Daystar Network on August 15th – 19th.

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And of course, you are invited to join us live for Pink Impact 2017 – register now! 

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