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I have news!

My tumor markers have plummeted – almost to normal – and my latest scan shows no sign of tumors.

There was a measurable shift on Easter, but I’ve been holding out for a confirmation – a second good report – a positive scan.

  • There are still months of chemotherapy before me – I would guess at least a year and maybe more.
  • I still have a very important MRI and check-up next Thursday that I believe will confirm the health of my brain.

Despite what might lie ahead, right now cancer is being routed.

There are lots of details between the Easter Sunday breakthrough and today, but I’m going to wait to share those.

Today I want to say thank you.

Thank you for celebrating right this moment with me – I know you are!

Thank you for standing next to me on the days that haven’t been so celebratory.  You have shown great bravery by consistently encouraging me and never focusing on the possibility of death.  You are a faithful friend.

Thank you for making it safe and special to share every step along the way.  It’s a wonderful blessing to be honest, transparent, struggling – and still encounter such love.

 Thank you and thank God.  For He too is a faithful friend.

And now…

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