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We are all brave acts waiting to happen

and miracles waiting to celebrate.

Rita Springer

I had lunch today with my friend, Rita Springer.

Rita is a well-known and respected worship leader (and Gateway Church pastor), but she is so much more than that.  She’s a mom (to her son Justice), sister, aunt, friend and mentor to many.  She has a unique prophetic anointing on her voice that echoes across heaven as she worships, teaches, preaches and especially when she locks you in the line of her beautiful blue eyes and shares face-to-face.

Rita has been an inspiration in my life for a long time, ministering often to me through her worship before I ever had the honor of calling her friend.  When I am with her, I am  a bit in awe of her faith, personal relationship with Jesus and her tenacious, overcoming attitude.  I always find a new revelation or insight that sparks more radical faith in me.

Today was no different.

Across our table and within just a few moments, she opened my heart, read my mail and challenged me to celebrate God’s miracles in my life. She spoke some of the prose and poetry of heaven over me and then…just like that…she was on her way.

This evening as I scanned my Instagram account I saw the following post from Rita.  (She shared a little about this story with me during our lunch and I asked her permission to share it here.)

I share this “counsel from a wise sage” to any of you who are walking in a season where great courage is required and where miracles are desperately needed.  I hope you dig around a little in her offering and find a blessing there.

I don’t know if I believe being brave is a gift that some have and some don’t. I tend to think being brave is an option. You choose it.

When a storm comes you hold on through it. When you are pushed to an edge, you dig your heels in. When you are given bad news you swallow hard and think on how every bad thing has good wanting to surface. Rainbows don’t appear unless rain and light engage. Neither does bravery appear unless the will is tested and the heart endures.

I feel this year has bravery embedded in it. Exciting but costly.

I was talking to my niece this past weekend about her near death experience. In the eye of her storm, her newborn taken out of her arms and her bloodless body racing toward a hospital, she said she felt of all things…peace. She had a feeling the world she had lived in was about to see a whole new one and while others shouted at her to stay awake she said peace rolled in, sat on her chest and had her in need of bravery. Bravery stood up as an option to grab. Peace sat as a foundation to whatever her choice would be.

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Miracles make you ponder…

I am aware that the enemy tries to make miracles a memory of trauma and not a victory of bravery. I’m not sure who this is for, but if you find yourself wondering if you are brave, simply dig your heels in and lift your chin up. We are all brave acts waiting to happen and miracles waiting to be celebrated. I saw these both this past two weeks and I cannot be the same. I choose being BRAVE and loving peace.

(Rita’s niece and her beautiful baby are both doing well.  They are a miracle!)