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Last week I posted a blog called God of Miracles Come.  This week, a very talented friend, Andrea Howey, sent me a gift related to that post that I want to share with you.

Andrea is a skilled artists and a beautiful soul.  I’ve been following her calligraphy work for a couple of years and she always inspires me with her ability to take phases, colors and images and use them to speak into the depths of the human soul.  I hope you will click on facebook or instagram and check out the rest of her work.  I promise you will be inspired.

She created a couple of images and graciously allowed me to share them with you for no charge.  One size should fit a phone background and the other is a little more of a normal dimension if you wanted to print it out and prop it up somewhere.  I hope they will speak to you the way they speak to me and that together we will let our faith arise.