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I just finished reading every one of my birthday greetings from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email and Text.  As I was reading, I began to feel like I was on the old television show called “This is Your life.”  (f you don’t remember it – then you are much younger than me.  Now actually this show is a little before my time too – just in case you are thinking I turned 100 yesterday!)  The show was an early form of “roasting” a person – only it wasn’t done with sarcasm or vulgarity (like we see today)  but rather with honor and love.  It was a trip down memory lane, connecting with people and places that had touched your life.

As I took my own “stroll” today, I was reminded of the amazing measure of friendship, family and love I’ve experienced throughout my life.  I have so much more to be grateful for than to worry about…

Speaking of no worries…

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Today, Mark and I visited with my oncologist for my 30 day check up.  I am thrilled to share that my tumor markers are declining.  They took a healthy dip toward normal and as a result – no chemo.  My current treatment plan involves trying to lose a few of the pounds I gained while on steroids, lots of rest and going on with the things of life that are most important. (That means this crew!)


I will have my blood work done again at six weeks and assuming the markers continue a downward trend – I won’t visit with my doctor again until 12 weeks from now. This is the best possible report I can get at this time.  It means I am well and I am overcoming.

I also visited with my neurosurgeon’s staff this week and they taught me it can take many months for the full effect of the radiation to be experienced and known.  She told me that my brain is really “annoyed” right now, so not to be discouraged by continued balance or eye issues.  It takes a long time for the brain to settle down and return to normal.  As time goes by, all will come into alignment. Maybe it won’t ever be “normal” again (What’s that anyway?) but it is in the process of healing.

I am about to have a couple of weeks at home during the holidays.  My birthday, Christmas and the end of year always make me a little reflective.  It’s a good time to evaluate where I am, consider where I had hoped I would be, and take a moment to look at what is straight ahead.  Who know’s? Maybe I can add another chapter to the story of “This is My Life.”